What BJ's Clients Say

Coaching Client Testimonials

"I feel we are on a journey of self-discovery together. The essence of who I am and what I say spontaneously transform into attainable goals which open up ever increasing possibilities. I am feeling light and more productive and I am experiencing positive changes in all avenues of my life."

- E.B. (Nurse Practitioner)

"Your powerful questions helped me get to the core of where I want to go... out on a limb!"

- F.G. (Entrepreneur and Physician)

"I was experiencing a 'crossroads' in my life. I was fearful and in need of a 'guide' to help me sort out and seek new challenges and new possibilities for growth and change. BJ has been this 'guide.' Her skill and ability to listen, interpret, and gain meaningful insights into my hopes and dreams have helped me make this pivotal time in my life one of renewal, exploration, and fulfilment!"

- C.F. (20 Year Boeing Professional)

"BJ's focused and insightful coaching has led me to discover and open doors that I didn't know existed. Her support has given me the courage to grow, learn, and play life in a fresh way."

- K.P. (Computer Professional)

"BJ has a gentle, compassionate and direct way of holding the space for and facilitating clear dialogue with the various parts that allowed me to embrace aspects of myself that I either resisted, judged or was afraid to look at. In going deeply into a couple of different parts, fear was diffused and an expanded sense of love and acceptance towards myself occurred. It gave me greater awareness and actual tools to work with later in deepening my own understanding. I believe Voice Dialogue can play a valuable and transformational role in any coaching relationship."

- Jennifer Rusche (Certified Professional Coach)

"I want you to know that my Voice Dialogue session with you was among the most power(ful) experiences I've ever had. You set the stage for me to open up to my various parts, and listened while those parts of me spoke. This was the first time I actually heard my Power Woman speak from her heart. I had been very frightened by this budding part of me. With your gentle encouragement, she showed up in all her glory as a friendly, loving, strong and exciting part of me with whom I now feel in total partnership. Thank you so much."

- Viv Monahan (Certified Professional Coach)

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