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...where you discover and unleash your inner wisdom to live a life of passion and purpose.

"In the long run, nothing's more important than the evolution of consciousness" - Phil Jackson


As an almost fully recovered attorney, having left my law practice in April 2001, I know the difference between right brain, heart-centered connection, and the more common, left brain objectifying that leaves people feeling disjointed and alone.

My coaching practice centers around calling forth the Essence of clients so that their true power, their authenticity, is unleashed and available at all times. Whether coaching a CEO, retiree, or one engaged in a 2nd career, I support clients in their evolution to experience a deeper life connection, to offer their unique gifts in a meaningful way, and to meet life with their PRESENCE, responding to the needs of the moment with the fullness of their being. As one client has said, "BJ walks with me in utter confidence that I am my own guide and I have learned that transformation can be fun". Another client has learned to appreciate her 'quirkiness', reframing her attributes as "my unique individual expression where I've come to appreciate myself. I'm pretty cool".

Coaching with me is an experience of mental, emotional and spiritual 'spelunking', shining a light to uncover the real obstacles to experiencing the fullness and depth of life. The partnership we create in exploration reveals all aspects of a client which are then accepted and utilized for their individual expression of greatness.

Certified Coach - BJ Levy
    Life Integration Coach
    Living Your Vision® Coach
    Professional Certified Coach
    Voice Dialogue Facilitator and Coach
    Certified Mentor Coach