About Coaching

What is Coaching & How Does It Work?

Personal Coaching is a compelling process of extraordinary support and encouragement that focuses on what you really want to create a life you love. Engaging in the process of coaching is a powerful statement of your commitment to yourself to live your best life.

In a space of unconditional support, I help you clarify your values, life goals and purpose. In an ongoing partnership, we joyfully design an individualized plan to activate your highest vision of a fulfilling life. I support your tapping into your Inner Wisdom as you unleash, explore and develop your solutions and strategies to live a whole, balanced and fulfilling life. I hold you accountable as you move towards your life's passion and purpose. I incorporate Voice Dialogue to assist you in embracing your various "parts" which sometimes seem to compete with each other.

What is Grounded Transformation?

Grounded Transformation is a type of coaching that promotes changes that last. My clients and I co-create an environment of deep trust which empowers clients to delve into their true heart's desire. Clients uncover what they really want in their lives versus what they have simply settled for. Through the Grounded Transformation Coaching process, my clients obtain the results that they want in their lives. The process is designed to ensure that clients' choices around transformation are not fleeting... that they last.

Certified Coach - BJ Levy
    Life Integration Coach
    Living Your Vision® Coach
    Professional Certified Coach
    Voice Dialogue Facilitator and Coach
    Certified Mentor Coach