Living Your Vision®

A Powerful Process For People Who Are Passionate About Living Fully.

Living Your Vision® is a dynamic, highly interactive process that empowers clients through:


  • Discover and clarify your vision and purpose
  • Rediscover your power, passion and essence
  • Reveal your inner source of wisdom and guidance


  • Establish a master plan to achieve your goals
  • Become more focused and organized
  • Increase your effectiveness and productivity


  • Enthusiastically take effective action
  • Go beyond your previous limitations
  • Move to a greater sense of wholeness and purpose


  • Achieve extraordinary results!
  • Gain a sense of freedom, well-being and fulfillment
  • Enjoy living your fullest, most authentic life!

Whether you want to achieve break-through performance in your career, launch a new business, bring your life into balance, discover what is next, make a career change, or learn to enjoy life more...

Having What You Want Requires:

  • Clarity of vision and purpose.
  • Believing that it is possible.
  • A willingness to be responsible for your choices & experience of life.
  • A strong support structure.
  • A solid foundation of planning.
  • Courage to take action.
  • Commitment to follow through.
  • An openness to positive change.
Certified Coach - BJ Levy
    Life Integration Coach
    Living Your Vision® Coach
    Professional Certified Coach
    Voice Dialogue Facilitator and Coach
    Certified Mentor Coach