Voice Dialogue

What Is Voice Dialogue Coaching?

Voice Dialogue Coaching is a process that merges two powerful approaches to conscious change (Voice Dialogue and Professional Coaching) into an extraordinary path of Transformation. Professional Coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in and enhance the quality of their personal and professional lives. Voice Dialogue is premised on the theory that we are multifaceted beings, with each facet having it's own feelings, desires, concerns and energy. We often experience these parts pulling us in opposite directions.

By combining Voice Dialogue with Coaching, Clients' self knowledge and effective actions are exponentially excelled. From a place of a growing Center, clients are empowered to make conscious, creative choices, utilizing the energy of all aspects of themselves.

Certified Coach - BJ Levy
    Life Integration Coach
    Living Your Vision® Coach
    Professional Certified Coach
    Voice Dialogue Facilitator and Coach
    Certified Mentor Coach