Voice Dialogue Testimonials

BJ's Voice Dialogue Testimonials

"BJ has a gentle, compassionate and direct way of holding the space for and facilitating clear dialogue with various parts that allowed me to embrace aspects of myself that I had either resisted, judged or was afraid to look at. I experienced an expanded sense of love and acceptance towards myself. I believe Voice Dialogue can play a valuable and transformational role in any coaching relationship."

- Jennifer Rusche (Certified Professional Coach)

"My Voice Dialogue session with BJ was among the most powerful experiences I've ever had. She set the stage for me to open up and listen to various parts of myself. This was the first time my "Power Woman" spoke from her heart. I had been afraid of this part. With BJ's gentle encouragement, she showed up in all her glory as a friendly, loving, strong and exciting part of me with whom I now feel in total partnership."

- Viv Monahan (Certified Professional Coach)

"The use of Voice Dialogue has enhanced and deepened my Coaching experience. I am learning about the parts of me that help me move toward my goals, and more importantly, the parts of me that are uncomfortable with my new direction and will do anything to keep me from changing. If you find yourself dealing with the same issues again and again, I would highly recommend Coaching with BJ. My sessions with her have been life transforming."

- Tonnie Wolfe (Certified Professional Coach)

"Thank you for sharing the Voice Dialogue Process with me. Putting a voice to my thoughts has helped me get clearer about what is right for me when I've had a tough time making a decision. Each time we have done Voice Dialogue in coaching, it has moved me forward in powerful ways."

- Kathy Paauw (Certified Professional Coach)

"BJ's coaching was gentle but relentless and effective. She quickly helped me to focus on what it was that I really wanted out of life, then accept that I would have to ask for it and go after it. A year later, I'm doing work that I love and that I think important, getting well paid for it, and under conditions that preserve the balance that makes life a joy."

- Jim Just (environmental activist)

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